What is Dimethyltryptamine? What it can do?

Vincent lays down on the ground, remembering that he was shot. His eyes close and his senses begin to go away. Vincent is dying. There are people around watching him die.

George- What’s taking the ambulance so long? Vincent is gonna die!

Emily- Please don’t die Vincent! (Tears roll down her eyes as she hugs him tight)

Dimethyltryptamine releases itself, flooding Vincent’s brain. Vincent suddenly wakes up in a world of peace. The flowers look very real. The air is fresh. The grass is moving with the breeze. There are birds singing. Vincent wonders what happened.

Vincent- I’m supposed to be dead… so Dimethyltryptamine makes a time dilation, and my dream will last forever! (He says as he gets up with a smile.)

Vincent manifests a mansion just by thinking of it and goes inside.

Vincent- This world is lonely. I should manifest people. (Manifests random people into the world, he also manifests everything he wants; laptops, video games, money, clothes, etc.)

Emily- Hey Vincent!

Vincent- I died earlier. But my brain can survive a few minutes without oxygen, and it release Dimethyltryptamine or DMT, making me have a dream that seemingly lasts eternity. I’ve decided to create you in this world, Emily.

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