The Cost Of Travel

The cost of travel.

It’s hard to put your finger on the feeling

to reason out that little empty space.

You always said you knew that you would travel

and your soul was drawn to more than just one place.

You’ve watched the sun go down on foreign landscapes

You’ve seen the desert glow on moonlit nights

You’ve walked in lands renowned in song and story

And your mind’s a treasure trove of wondrous sights.

The journeys that you took have made you wiser

you learnt so many lessons on the way.

The heat and dust, the strange beliefs, the wonders

But still there is no place that you would stay.

And now when you come back to where you started

Your children grown, your mother’s hair turned grey,

The circle that you left has closed behind you

your old friends now have nothing left to say.

So, hidden deep within your dark subconscious

You know that though you made the world seem small

That when you left your home you left your people,

And that’s the biggest sacrifice of all.

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