The Conclusion Of Life

The Conclusion Of Life:


What i know


Next year I turn fifty, where did the years go?

Time to reflect on what I do and do not know.


Time is an illusion of that I am sure,

constantly being fooled by that clock on the wall.

I watch the hand as it tick, tick ticks along.

Having no effect on what has not been, or what has gone.


Sooner or later we will probably discover,

That love is an energy unlike any other.

The most influential force in any emotion perceived.

clearly without peer, understating love would be naive.


There is no better cure than laughing out aloud,

when dealing with stress the effects can be profound.

Shame it’s not as often I make that cheerful sound,

compared with growing up as a carefree happy child.


I know that walking will help organise my thoughts.

Clearing pictures and jumbled words that my mind distorts.

Indigenous tribes have practiced this for ever,

while we drive our cars presuming that we are clever.


Difficult decisions should be made after a nights sleep,

allowing that stubborn conscience to take a back seat.

Free of intervention my mind can now run deep,

conjuring solutions while I count my sheep.


I don’t know how dreaming can be so surreal,

a parallel existence with emotions that are real.

A place where the laws of physics simply cannot steal

anything I imagine, and all that is revealed.


What are fire and water? I don’t know what they are.

The two strangest things that I have seen so far.

If they were bitter enemies and they went to war,

it would be the greatest and final battle that we ever saw.


Swimming in the ocean or walking amongst trees,

basking in sunlight, or catching a cool breeze.

It’s the closest I feel to being a part of all things,

Mother nature the universe, and all that she brings.


Upon reflection one thing is now quite clear.

The knowledge I’ve gained in fifty or so years

is not knowledge at all, speculation at best.

There is nothing that I know, it’s all just a guess.


I am not equipped to know what things really are.

This is my conclusion, in my life so far.

Nothing is for certain , it’s all a mystery.

And that’s strangely reassuring because that’s what it should be.

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