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iPhone 6s Vs. Galaxy S6, Which Is Better?

iPhone 6s Vs. Galaxy S6: With the iPhone 6s, Apple has upped the ante in the perennial showdown between the two leading smartphones.  So, what’s changed? iOS 9 Just released this week, there is little visually to

The Internet And Its Discontents

Jshua Goldberg is a piece of work. He’s been a lot of people online, done a lot of things, said a lot of things. He’s been a feminist anti-porn campaigner, a militant Zionist, a white supremacist neo-Nazi

How AgTech Can Save The World?

How AgTech Can Save The World? As investors, our job is to find the visionaries that dream up the future and partner with them to help make that dream a reality. In agriculture, with the latest advancements

Advantages and Disadvantages Of AI

Advantages and Disadvantages Of AI: An AI roundtable discussion is a staple of the tech journalism circus — usually framed with a preamble about dystopic threats to human existence from the inexorable rise of ‘super intelligence machines’. Just add a

How Legal Immigration Failed Silicon Valley?

How Legal Immigration Failed Silicon Valley? Twelve years after filing for U.S. residency, I finally took the oath of citizenship in a quaint suburban theater, having spent seven of those prime entrepreneurship years mired in the Green

The Future Of Mobility

The Future Of Mobility: We recently had the opportunity to participate in two important conferences focused on thefuture: one on the on-demand economy (On Demand Economy 2015) and the other on mobile communications (Rutberg Future Mobile 2015). While each conference covered a

An Interview With Sam Altman

Although it was just over a year ago, it seems like ages since Paul Graham handed over Y Combinator’s iron throne to Sam Altman, Loopt founder and member of Y Combinator’s very first batch. Despite receiving high

How To Drag Drop URLs To Share Webpages Dropbox

Dropbox announced a pretty handy feature today that allows you to drag and drop URLs into Dropbox. Anyone with access to where you’ve dropped them can then open the web pages on any device. It’s basically a

Lists Of The Top Apps Of All Time

Lists Of The Top Apps Of All Time: A new report from app store analytics firm App Annie this morning offers insight into the most popular – and profitable! – iOS applications of all time. Not surprisingly, the most

How Technology Is Saving Lives?

Robots with cameras, microphones and sensors searched for victims stranded in flooded homes and on rooftops. They assessed damage and sent back images from places rescuers couldn’t get. It was August 31, 2005, two days after Hurricane