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My Vision for Pakistan Education 2025

My vision to make Pakistan batter is to provide compulsory and good quality education to all the school-going children regardless of their economic or...

11 Patriotic Desserts to Serve This Fourth of July

When it comes to Fourth of July dishes, thoughts of juicy burgers, hearty hot dogs, and mom’s good ol’ potato salad come to mind. But enough about all that. We want some patriotic desserts! (Sorry, mom). Fortunately,

What Makes Me Proud To Be An American

A recent survey of U.S. Army members shows almost 50 percent of soldiers are unhappy in their service and more than half are pessimistic about the future of the military. Such news quickly brings the “bad old

I Am Back Luka

Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for, it’s been 10 years since my childhood love Rain left for the army. Even now I still remember his sweet words that he left me with : In 10 years

Ukraine Border Guards to Inspect Russian Aid Convoy

Ukraine says its border guards are to inspect a controversial Russian aid convoy parked at the frontier. Ukrainian officials said the inspectors had arrived to check the cargo, bound for cities in eastern Ukraine held by pro-Russian

World War 2 Story They Don’t Teach You In School

WW2(World War 2) Story They Don't Teach You In School. Watch and learn what the reality behind the whole war and how it got that hard to forget, how it changed the face of the World.

Battle of the Aeryes

Battle of the Aeryes: Aeryes was now in human form.The battles of ancient times forgotten long ago.Now he led a normal human life.A cold, dark night, the sound of the wind calling for memories of ages. Emptiness…It all

Interview with General Keith Alexander

Cybersecurity has regularly dominated the news, most recently with the ongoing showdown between Apple and the FBI. Both corporate and government priorities have evolved accordingly. The FBI says more than7,000 US companies have been victimized by smartphone-based attacks

The Mobile Electorate

In 2008, Barack Obama redrafted the electioneering script, becoming the first presidential candidate to use social media as a political channel. His opponents’ failure to grasp the significance of social media proved as catastrophic as Richard Nixon’s

True story of America founding father

True story of America founding father: What’s so cool about Alexander Hamilton? Born a penniless bastard in the Caribbean, he would become a Revolutionary War hero and the genius behind much of America’s government, all before dying