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What It Is To Be Free

To be utterly free Is to remove oneself from the shackles of societal expectations. We are bound to them by birth To the fallicious ideologies set forth by others. Our world revovles around the fast pace concrete

I Was The Lost Girl Of The Entire World

*Before I start my story, I would like to say that I would like to know anyone and everyone’s opinion on this. It’s very important to me that I know what my readers want. So, if anyone

The Love Bytes Part 2

Unlike St Mary’s, St Bruts was a boarding school, and it was very seldom that the boys were allowed to leave school property. When...

The Kiss Of Death

The Kiss Of Death: Softly starting at her shin. kiss…kiss…kiss up to her knee. He never takes his eyes from hers.  Kiss…kiss…kiss…kiss and he’s at her right hip. He lifts his head briefly while still silently staring.

Love And Hate And Hate Again

My love, You are the only thing I got left, it has been so long since our last kiss, and more of it and more I miss. why did you become so cold? Or was it me?

11 Patriotic Desserts to Serve This Fourth of July

When it comes to Fourth of July dishes, thoughts of juicy burgers, hearty hot dogs, and mom’s good ol’ potato salad come to mind. But enough about all that. We want some patriotic desserts! (Sorry, mom). Fortunately,

I Miss You Dad

In the last months before my father died from complications of Parkinson’s Syndrome, he was out of it much of the time. When I would visit him at the nursing home, he would give me a smile of

Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself: Search deep down inside. Sometimes, this may be difficult. You may not know where to begin. This life is so overwhelming, sometimes...

A Letter to my Father on his 60th Birthday

February 7, 2008  Dear Daddy,  I just realized that today is your birthday.  Every year I know it is coming and yet it catches me off guard.  I forget about it for a while.  About half way through my day…BAM!…it

Happy Father Day

Happy Father Day: Evelyn was waiting for me at 7 o’clock. Her door was ajar. “Look at this, Kate,” she called, proudly showing me Sammy’s new collar. She’d bought it on her recent holiday, a present to