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A Tech Bubble In China, What???

I recently returned from my latest business trip to China, where I had the opportunity to meet with local entrepreneurs, VCs, and representatives from China’s Silicon Valley, Zhong Guan Cun. This reinforced my belief that China has

Talent War: Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street

Talent War: Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street: Gordon Gekko is but a distant blip in the rear-view mirror for this generation’s best and brightest. In lieu of Wall Street, today’s top graduates are flocking to Silicon Valley and other top technology hubs in

List Of Most Visited Cities Of The World

The same attractions that prompt people to love visiting a city – top-ranked restaurants, vibrant nightlife, diverse neighbourhoods, iconic sights – can entice them into staying longer term. In fact, many of the world’s most visited cities,

The Emperor’s New Watch

The first time-gatherers – horologes – come to us from legend. According to one fairly visceral story, the “division of the day into hours was first suggested by the regular exercise of the bodily functions of a

Where Did The Moon Came From?

The Moon is a mystery. Everyone on Earth can see it, but we only ever see one side of it. It affects the tides of the ocean, when animals have sex and apparently even how people sleep.

How Ellucian Empowers the Regional Education Sector

Please tell us about the role of Ellucian in the education sector? Ellucian enable institutions to help their students to succeed. We currently work with more than 70 higher education institutions across the Middle East. We provide

After Revolution 2.0

Remember 2011? The Arab Spring, a.k.a. “Revolution 2.0“? Four governments were overthrown. The stage was set for further social-media-fuelled protests: Brazil. Ukraine. Turkey. It seems awfully apparent, now, that Facebook and Twitter can serve as a potent

Death Throes of the Sun

The footpath through the trees endlessly narrates the life of its followers as they travel down their long road to towards the destination. Slowly the trees grew menacing as the branches appeared spectacular against the death throes

How To Become A Successful Female Entrepreneur

In Silicon Valley, the percentage of women starting technology companies is astronomically low, at a rate around 3 percent. Of privately held companies, only 6.5 percent have a female CEO, and 1.3 percent have a female founder. How is this the

The Real Pirates Of Silicon Valley

What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past? I met Bob