Horror Room Archive

The Kiss Of Death

The Kiss Of Death: Softly starting at her shin. kiss…kiss…kiss up to her knee. He never takes his eyes from hers.  Kiss…kiss…kiss…kiss and he’s at her right hip. He lifts his head briefly while still silently staring.

Zombie House Party

My weirdest/funniest dream was a zombie house party. My friends and I threw this awesome party at that house in the movie the evil dead, but the house was swarmed by zombies but none of the party

Inside the Dark Web

If our popular culture is to be believed, most people assume there’s a place online where the worst of the headlines you read about drugs, money laundering, murder for hire, and vast child pornography rings are born.

The Dark Side

The Dark Side: Warning: This story contains suicide but it is not graphic. It’s happening again… My little brother is having one of his episodes. The stupidest things set him off. This time he’s failed to turn

A Rush To Hospital

Last night, I dreamed i was driving my sister’s stuffed animal to the hospital (which is weird because I don’t have a drivers licence) , when i switched body withe a general. But he did some bad

The Boy In The Well

Hello Everyone, this is my first story here. Please like if you enjoy it. Thanks.   Not long ago, in a small town, in the United States, schoolchildren often had to walk past Old Man Jerry’s field.

The History And Reality Of Tadmur

When Islamic State seized Palmyra in Syria last month, one of the first things it did was blow up the Tadmur prison – the country’s most notorious jail, where for decades, political dissidents were detained and tortured.

King Cobras

Last night, I dreamed that there were King Cobras outside and they were in my backyard Then I woke up. 30

Three Dimensional Landscape – Dream Story

I don’t remember most of the dream except for the end. I was running down a corridor. I kept running and suddenly, something made me collapse. What felt like minutes later, I opened my eyes to see


At first, I thought they were just stains of white paint on the jet black wall. Daddy wanted to remove it. He wanted to repaint the wall in blue. But on close inspection he said he would