My Boyfriend – Real Story

This is a fake name which I will be using for my real story of my life my name is Elisa I am 28 years of age, I live in a small town where there is little to do and basically you know pretty much everybody. I have always been a good student until my high school year pretty much everything from high school and so on has been extremely difficult for me. I could remember  going out with guys and ever since my first boyfriend I just have always been in relationships, some were little flings but most of the time I was in relationships I guess I fell in love so much even at a young age of 15 years old I felt that I was in love. I just didn’t realize how much hurt would come with it.

I remember I was in love with this guy and I just cared so much for him, I basically did a lot for him he was a few years older then me but he was my friend first and then we just ended up being together eventually I realized he was growing tired of me and I had no idea why, was it something I did? I found him cheating on me and it was so hard for me to know that he was with another girl  and it broke my heart considering at the time I was going through a hard time, but that’s another story.

I eventually got over him and I was feeling better with time, because like they say time heal’s itself. I eventually got older and just kept getting into relationships and having my heart broken and the reality of it all I began to get into this depression because I didn’t understand why I was being treated this way. A person eventually gets so depressed and so down that they began to feel like there is something wrong with them and that everything negative that is being said is making you feel like you are just worthless. The main point I’m trying to make is that my life only gets worse I never thought my own life would end up so sad because of how a human being could actually make you feel like shit. I ended up getting into other relationships as I got a little more older I fell in love with this guy who I thought cared about me so much and then it started. I was physically beaten by this guy I did not understand what I was doing to diverse this verbally and physically I was getting beaten and I felt my world starting to crumble before my eyes.

I can remember vividly the moment he hurt me, he would lock me in his room because I refused to give him oral s*x, he also grabbed me by my neck and lifted me from the ground and I could not breath, the reason was because I did not want him to leave for the fact he was wanting to get into a fight with some people he did not get along with so for the fact that I was trying to stop him I got abused. It does not stop there, he also dragged me by my hair up a dirt hill, I was screaming and crying because it hurt so much. As scared as I was I did not leave him for the fact I was scared of him and for the fact that he threatened me and my family so I stayed with him. Another time he just went ballistic for no apparent reason and threw me on the ground again kicked me and spitted on me I guess the cop’s got a call from someone and came I did not want to press charges because like I said before I was afraid.

I felt like a prisoner and it did not stop there he also forced me to stay with him at his cousins house as I tried to sneak away I was running as fast as I could down the road were he heard me and went after me and was throwing bricks at me hitting me several times on my leg I ran out of breath and he caught up to me and forced me to stay with him. I just remember him also slamming my arm into his car door because I was trying to leave and he had taken my keys from my car and I had to run across the freeway in the middle of the night and walk home by myself in the dark I was so scared.

Eventually I got a restraining order on him, I was riding in back of his truck very scared and shaking I felt that It was time for me to just get away as soon as I can so I had no choice but to jump out of his truck and I ran and ran, I ran so fast till I couldn’t run anymore . I finally made it home and called the cops and told them I wanted a restraining order. You see though where I live it’s hard to believe that anyone here cares I went to court and he did not show up for the fact that I felt that was not right that he did not show up and nothing happened to him.

I ended up having to go to counseling which I thought, why is he not going? He was the abuser so he should have been the one that should have gone but no even with the restraining order he was still driving by my grandmas house which I was living there at the time and stalking me and nothing was done. I eventually moved away and got away from him.

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