I Am Back Luka

Today’s the day I’ve been waiting for, it’s been 10 years since my childhood love Rain left for the army.

Even now I still remember his sweet words that he left me with : In 10 years I’ll be back, a hero that you can love, Luka.”

Those words kept me moving all 10 of these years. I left out of my ragged farm house to pick flowers. I noticed some Daffodils, they didn’t grow around here to often so I picked just a few leaving the rest hoping they would spread.

As I was about to pick some Tulips I heard a sweet voice call my name. “Luka” It said.My eyes widened as I stood straight up no longer bending down I turned around like you’d expect a robot to. I was just barely holding myself back from running up to him. My eyes filled with tears. “Before I start crying is it really you? Can I honestly believe it’s really you?” I said , my voice was trembling.

“Yeah” he said. He was scratching his shaggy brown hair while looking away. “Eyaaahhhh…” That’s the sound I made when the tears started pouring out my eyes as I ran over to him and tackled him into the grassy plain. I cried so hard while laying on his chest, the joy I felt just from seeing him made me quiver. He just laid there and wrapped his arms around me., every here and there he’d stroke my long light brown hair. “Luka” He said. “We should head back.” I had to summon up all of my strength to force my self off of him and even then I still found my self holding on to the edge of his sleeve.

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