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My Vision for Pakistan Education 2025

My vision to make Pakistan batter is to provide compulsory and good quality education to all the school-going children regardless of their economic or...

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Once upon a time there lived a lion in a forest. One day after a heavy meal. It was sleeping under a tree. After a while, there came a mouse and it started to play on the

Guidelines For A Successful Life

Guidelines For A Successful Life: Self-judgement, self-reasoning or self-argumentation – whatever u call it, a curious thing that no one can ever ignore or at least should not ignore. Most probably everyone has read about this kind

How To Play Pac-Man Inside Google Maps?

Short of dressing in a yellow cushion and chasing strangers while making chomping sounds, playing real-life Pac-Man is just a gamer’s dream. Google wants to help make that dream a reality. Sort of. Call it an early

The Portrait

“Amazing isn’t it?” a man saying that came close to the person seeing the portrait. “Yes it is quiet fascinating” person answered shaking his head, “Are you the painter?” “Well yes I am” man saying turning his

How She Turned Internship To Game Design Career

How She Turned Internship To Game Design Career: Paulina Raguimov never expected to get paid to make video games when she walked into her high school’s career fair at 16. She played them, sure. But when she walked

Anyone Can’t Teach What A Bird Have Taught Me

One morning, I found myself near a stream and as usual I am lost in my own reflective phase whenever there is nature around. Since people living in city have to unfortunately make an effort to be

Fake Job Scams, Identification And How to Be Safe

Fake Job Scams, Identification And How to Be Safe: I have seen so many friends complaining and lamenting their ordeal in the hands of fake scam companies who invite people for interview only to introduce them to

How my First Date got Crushed

I still remember how my first date turn into a disaster. Well first let me tell you the background of the scene, i was the only Programmer in my class and all the girls were behind me

Win or Die – My Dream Story

My Dream Story: Last night I saw a dream that I am a fighter. I use swords and other fighting gadgets but I don’t remember them clearly accept sword because sword was always with me. I was