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The Shifting Sands Of Sand Hill

For as long as I’ve paid attention, Sand Hill Road has been synonymous with venture capital. But that is changing. As the epicenter of the technology renaissance age has shifted, or expanded, from Palo Alto and its

Finding Yourself

Finding Yourself: Search deep down inside. Sometimes, this may be difficult. You may not know where to begin. This life is so overwhelming, sometimes...

A Letter to my Father on his 60th Birthday

February 7, 2008  Dear Daddy,  I just realized that today is your birthday.  Every year I know it is coming and yet it catches me off guard.  I forget about it for a while.  About half way through my day…BAM!…it

The Girl in the golden mask

Everyone knows the story of the boy. His father worked as a blacksmith, and he was fully expected to take over when his father grew too old. Everything changed when he was permitted to go to the

King Cobras

Last night, I dreamed that there were King Cobras outside and they were in my backyard Then I woke up. 30

Why Your Windows Phone Can’t Run Windows 10

Windows 10 is out for Windows Phone devices. That’s wrong. Windows 10 is out in preview for Windows Phone devices. Wait, that’s wrong, too. One more try. Windows 10 is out in preview for a subset of Windows

Don’t Marry a Computer Engineer…

Don’t Marry a Computer Engineer..! Husband : (Returning late from work) “Good Evening dear….I’m now logged in.” Wife: Have you brought the groceries? Husband : Bad command or file name. Wife: But I told you in the

How to tackle machine learning as a non-technical person?

How to tackle machine learning as a non-technical person? The last few years have seen an explosion of interest in machine learning technology and potential applications. As a non-expert, you’ve probably either had to assess ML technology

11 Smartphone Camera Tricks You Should Know

1. (Most) Phones Can See Infrared If you “shoot” an infrared beam directly into your phone’s camera, the otherwise invisible light renders as a purplish beam in the phone’s display. There are not many practical applications here,

What Is Montblanc Smart Bracelet?

What Is Montblanc Smart Bracelet? What did I tell you? In a last-ditch effort to save themselves, watchmakers are now turning to the band in order to ensure that timekeeping remains well in the realm of the mechanical. The