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How to wear colored contacts lenses safely?

How to wear colored contacts lenses safely? If you’re the type who’s always on the hunt for a fun, new way to experiment with your look, colored contacts can offer a dramatic change. The eye trend has

Happily Married

Richard was standing in signal in his expensive bike , waiting for the green signal and he was very urge to reach home. Signal changed from red to green, he was the first person to move from


She snapped awake out of a deep sleep, screaming aloud in terror. In her nightmare, a large white wolf had been chasing her around and around the house, gaining on her with every step until it finally


As the first yellowing leaf fell off the tree, Josephine hopped around, trying to catch it before it touched the grass. Clutching it to her heart, she remembered her dead husband’s last words fifteen years ago. “This


What do feelings have to do with it you say? Just step back and look at today Did you feel anything if I may Ask and then you say   What did that bring up? Was that

I, Me And Myself

I, Me And Myself: Secrets I won’t share People who don’t care Why do I pretend for you It’s something I thought I’d never do I hate the ignorance and lies I hate all the severed ties.

My Horror Dream

My Horror Dream: I was in my music class, just sitting there. When suddenly classmates all around me start to disfigure and become zombies. According to my dream logic: if a zombie touches you, you become a