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China’s Yuan Devaluation

Alot has been said about recent Yuan devaluation which triggered stock market selloff initially in China and other Asian markets moving to Europe and the US. Everybody is talking about slowdown in Chinese economy and its repercussions

Fauji Fertilizer (FFC) – Buy

Fauji Fertlizer Company (FFC) is currently trading around 8 P/E based on 9 months earning and is also a consistent dividend paying stock so if you add dividend in the EPS then its a very good stock

Sugar Industry gets Rs 7 Billion Export Subsidy

Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet on Monday allowed 500,000 tonnes of sugar export with Rs13 per kg subsidy. This step will boost the sugar price in the domestic market. Fore more updates…Visit 10

Weekly Stock Recommendations (Nov 30 – Dec 04)

Weekly Stock Recommendations: Buy: 1) KEL TP = 8 2) AHL TP = 65 Both are at attractive prices currently based on earnings. For more weekly stock recommendations and latest news, visit 20

Rupee Depreciation and Textile

Rupee Depreciation and Textile: The textile industry is expected to benefit from the devaluation of rupee because this will result in competitiveness against the regional markets. Pakistan rupee has already depreciated more than 4% in recent months…

October for US Stocks

The month of October recorded biggest gain for US stocks in almost 4 years. There are various reasons for such a big rally in October. First of all, after sharp decline in stock prices in the month

K-Electric Grid Strengthening

K-Electric has got the financing worth $250 million to upgrade its transmission system which will enhance its capacity to transmit electricity by more than 30%. The grid strengthening will make it more reliable and efficient. This is

Stocks Weekly Recommendations (Oct 19 – Oct 23)

Buy: 1) PSMC (TP = 445) 2) PRET (TP = 115) Reason:  Both stocks have good earnings and current low interest rate environment will further benefit auto and textile sector. Buy and hold both stocks for 1

Premium Textile- PRET

The annual result of Premium textile is great. The company announced full-year EPS of 26.40 and also announced a cash dividend of 6 Rupees. Currently the stock is trading below 4 P/E which is very attractive. I

Next Week will be Volatile

The coming week probably will be the most volatile week of this year because the US Fed will meet on September 17 to decide whether to raise interest rates or not. There is no consensus among analysts