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Each Tic Of The Clock

The world is at my feet But all I feel is it’s weight upon my shoulders. How do I trust the plunge When I’m leaping in the dark? Desperately grasping to anything within reach Time is slipping through my

Why Smart Bulbs Are Quietly Becoming the Next Hot Thing

Over the last two years, I’ve received various press releases from light bulb companies hyping their latest bulb to be hooked in to the Internet of Things (or IoT). Initially, I was underwhelmed by this phenomenon since

How To Change Dress Color In Photoshop

How To Change Dress Color In Photoshop: 141

Why Trip To Home Feels Shorter?

Ever wonder why getting to your destination seems to take forever, but the return trip passes in a flash? Japanese researchers this week shed light on the phenomenon. Writing in PLOS One, the team notes that “studies on

How Ellucian Empowers the Regional Education Sector

Please tell us about the role of Ellucian in the education sector? Ellucian enable institutions to help their students to succeed. We currently work with more than 70 higher education institutions across the Middle East. We provide

Who The Smartphone Revolution Left Behind

How many of us have been tempted to chuck our smartphones into the ocean while on vacation to stop the incessant buzzing of incoming emails and texts from interrupting what is supposed to be down time? While

Angel of Love

Angel of Love: CMDR. ANGEL LOVE is a BLONDE GODDESS SHE’s 22 years young and PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL !!! SHE has Shining Blue Eyes, lovely long hair, and SHE’s 5’8 SHE’s slender and has pink complexion ANGEL IS

Using Technology To Humanize Finance

“Banking is necessary – banks are not.” Bill Gates said this in 1994. It was a bold statement to make at the time, and one that some have associated with the start of a transformation in financial

Eyes in the Dark

Eyes in the Dark: It was the perfect night, peaceful, no frite. We sat by the light, the fire burning bright. Skeeters biting, but it was still exciting. None of us knew, what was to happen to

Indians Pray To The Visa God

Millions of Indians regularly visit temples and religious sites to pray and seek divine help in fulfilling their wishes. Most pray for a child or well being of their loved ones, but in recent years, some unusual