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Why We Are Your Friends Movie Flopped?

Zac Efron’s newest movie is making the wrong kind of history. The Warner Bros. film, “We Are Your Friends,” where Zac Efron plays a sexy “Calvin Harris-in-the-making type” DJ alongside his sexy love interest, Emily Ratajkowski, grossed

The Future Of The On-Demand Economy

The Future Of The On-Demand Economy: On the heels of Homejoy’s failure, the fundamental “on-demand marketplace” model has come into question by investors, the media and even consumers. That questioning is very relevant, as there has been

An Interview With Sam Altman

Although it was just over a year ago, it seems like ages since Paul Graham handed over Y Combinator’s iron throne to Sam Altman, Loopt founder and member of Y Combinator’s very first batch. Despite receiving high

Miley Cyrus Calls Out Nicki Minaj

Miley Cyrus didn’t hold back saying how she really felt about Nicki Minaj. In July, Minaj went on a Twitter rant about how “Anaconda” was snubbed for a Video of the Year nomination at the 2015 MTV

An Interview With CEO

Tell us about How has it grown over the years? We launched in December 2012 and we have grown quite significantly over the past 3 years. We still have a long way to go, though. But I

Russian Government Threatens To Block Reddit

The Russian government isn’t too happy with Reddit these days. But it’s not even over critical comments made about the government’s handling of Ukraine, it’s about a single thread on the site regarding how to grow “narcotics.”

New Financial Times And The Future Of Digital Media

New Financial Times And The Future Of Digital Media: Who saw the recent sale of the Financial Times (FT) from Pearson to Nikkei for $1.3 billion coming? The sale of The Economist, also owned by Pearson, three

Breaking News: Google Joins Apple

Yet more developments around how U.S. sanctions on Crimea, in retaliation against Russia’s annexation by Russia, are being adopted by tech companies. According to multiple reports out of Russia, Google has now started to block AdSense and AdWords accounts in the

16 Pyramids Discovered In Ancient Cemetery

The remains of 16 pyramids with tombs underneath have been discovered in a cemetery near the ancient town of Gematon in Sudan. They date back around 2,000 years, to a time when a kingdom called “Kush” flourished

Spider Man Homecoming Full Script Leaked

Spider Man Homecoming Full Script Leaked: The film begins with Spider-man thwarting a bank heist in the beginning of the morning, taking down all of the thugs except for one. The final robber and threatens to blow