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One Thing Every Good Company Must Have

One Thing Every Good Company Must Have: Obscured in the valuation dust of the current unicorn stampede is a key question: What actually makes a great company great? What do the future Facebooks, Googles and Apples have in common — not to

Sinus treatment Herbal Medicines

Sinus treatment by Herbal Medicines: I had Sinus problem for years. I went to many famous doctors like Andrew P.Lane, Nasir I.Bhutti, Jean Kim and Sandra Lin. I even went to several sinus hospitals like John Hopkin

8 Hotel Pools You Will Be Amazed To See

Forget about swim-up bars and elegant infinity pools. Today’s coolest hotel pools flaunt jaw-dropping, quirky amenities like sharks on the other side of a glass wall or the image of Andy Warhol’s face on the floor below.

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world

 BLESSINGS on the hand of women! Angels guard its strength and grace. In the palace, cottage, hovel, Oh, no matter where the place; Would that never storms assailed it, Rainbows ever gently curled, For the hand that

5 Lessons my Mother taught me

1. Live with no regrets: I’m often flabbergasted by the amount of time some people waste dwelling on their past failures, rather than directing that energy into new projects. My mother always taught me never to look

Why Engineering Students can’t Clear all Subjects in 1st Time

Question: Why most of the engineering students Can’t clear all subjects in 1st time..? ? ? ? Answer: Smooth roads never make good drivers, Clear sky never makes good pilots & Clearing all subjects in the 1st

Love of my life

Love of my life: I always thought I deserved better in everything. But most of the time I was not that much lucky to have anything. Although things happened like that, my heart not ready to accept

Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything Happens For A Reason: It was very surprising to see Jenifer’s name in the payroll of my company. At first, when I saw her name, I was amazed and thought it was a different Jenifer. But,

Comedy Love Story

Comedy Love Story: So one day I was talking to this blonde and I asked her out. See? And she told me, that I needed to get a life cause like why am I asking her out

My Blind Date – A Romantic Tale

He saw her inside, his face pressed up against the restaurant window, the cool summer air rushing around him – his beloved sitting with someone else. The thought of it raged inside him, inflaming his passion. But