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How AgTech Can Save The World?

How AgTech Can Save The World? As investors, our job is to find the visionaries that dream up the future and partner with them to help make that dream a reality. In agriculture, with the latest advancements

The Thin Black-Clad Line

We live in a cyberpunk novel. Every major nation-state clandestinely develops (and/or purchases) carefully targeted malware, and constantly probes—or penetrates—other nations’ defenses while desperately evaluating their offensive capabilities. Criminal undergrounds ransom ordinary users’ computers for bitcoin. Fortune

Trends in angel investing

“Tell me about your cap table?” I asked the founder of an early-stage startup. He was clearly passionate about his business, and had assembled a top-notch team to help him achieve his ambitious vision. But the grit

Story of a Fighter

Story of a Fighter: Once, a man, his wife and his new born baby lived in the famous city of Sravana. His name was Yodha, as the name is he was a famous fighter. He was one

Imagine The World Without Internet

People have wondered how an Internet without net neutrality would work. Net neutrality is more than just a debate, it’s not a hypothetical, and it’s real and alive today with SMS. It is currently hypothetical that on

The Next Billion-Dollar Insurer

Venture capital-backed insurance success stories have risen at a regular drumbeat over the last few years: 2011 brought the billion-dollar Esurance acquisition, 2012 brought the wildly successful Guidewire IPO, 2013 brought the large Climate Corporation acquisition and

A Date to Remember

A Date to Remember: A Date to Remember This was some years ago around December as schools were breaking for Christmas. I’d already made up my mind not to go home for Christmas as i had tons of work

The Holy Grail of Web Scale

The Holy Grail of Web Scale: With customers demanding access to goods and services where and when they want, and servers deluged with requests, concurrency and expectations of responsiveness, organizations of all types are focused on building

Tears sting my eyes and I close them tight

‘I lie awake in agony, doing my best to muffle my sobs to keep from waking Marrianne and Joseph, Joseph my son, I can’t even hold him anymore for fear that if i do he’ll be the

How to handle headaches and migraines in children?

How to handle headaches and migraines in children? If you’ve ever had a migraine you know how miserable the relentless pain, nausea and sensitivity to light can make you feel— now imagine what it’s like for a