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Can you take the Internet out of the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things and the Internet might seem inextricably linked, but, increasingly, there are questions centered around how IoT devices should work with one another — and what happens when the Internet connection goes down? Users also

What is Microinsurance? Advantages/Disadvantages

Let’s be real. The insurance industry has barely evolved since Benjamin Franklin introduced the concept in the late 1700s. You’d think after three hundred years and a market size of $1 trillion in the United States alone,insurance companies like MetLife and AIG would have nailed it. But they haven’t.

Who You Are

I can see you, but I have no eyes. I talk to you, yet, have no voice. We reach out our hands, they don’t touch. I know your warmth, I can’t feel it. Separated by borders, our

Your Dreams Meant By…

Your Dreams Meant By…Dreams Meaning: Babies: There are different and specific interpretations when it comes to dreams about babies. For some, it might represent that feeling of vulnerability that comes with loving or being loved. For others,

What Makes You A Leader In Cloud Industry?

What Makes You A Leader In Cloud Industry? Over the last several years at Emergence Capital we have seen an exciting new set of companies emerge that offer cloud solutions within a specific industry vertical — collectively known as


Flowers are the sign of colors in life Dew drops declare the desires of life Dawn shows the light in life Dusk pretends the value of life I am no one to tell you anything about life

Happenings Around Me

Happenings Around Me: I figured the drop would feel refreshing, like washing my hands after cracking an egg the wrong way, or turning the lights off and climbing into bed after a tiring day. But my stomach