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Why Did Google Create Alphabet?

Monday was a rather slow news day until Google shook things up. Rather than having Google and its various projects under one Google umbrella, Google will create a new company, dubbed Alphabet, which will handle all efforts

Happy Birthday

Mother was huddled over the stove in the kitchen as always, her passion for cooking dominating her free time. Long chocolate brown hair flowed down the centre of her spine, a tight braid pulling her fringe back,

You’ll Always Be Our Little Goddess

Most kids my age love vacation. In my place, I hate it. Literally! In my place, the first impression you’re going to get is fascination. Who wouldn’t? Our house overlooks a cliff with an amazing view during sunrise,

How To Blur Random Objects In YouTube Videos?

How To Blur Random Objects In YouTube Videos? Back in 2012, YouTube added a new feature that allows you to automatically blur all faces in a video. Today, it’s going a step further. You can now draw a rectangle

What makes you more happy? Money or Free Time

What makes you more happy? Money or Free Time: Last year, my colleague Jacqui Kenyonwrote about her decision to start using “wash-and-fold” laundry services — even though she initially thought it was a waste of cash. At some

Romantic Halloween

Romantic Halloween: Snap. A bright light flashed and the smell of burning magnesium filled the air. A woman dressed in peacock blue snuck away through the crowd. She shuffles her way through the hustle and bustle of

5 Scandals That Changed History

5 Scandals That Changed History: History is filled with great, enduring love stories, from Napoleon and Josephine to Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson. And then there are those somewhat more unseemly courtships. The ones that began in