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Three Friends and the Trial

Three men were lost in a forest and were captured by cannibals. The king of d cannibals told the prisoners that they could live if they pass a trial. The 1st step was to go deep into

10 iOS 8 Tips Every Apple Users Should Know

Apple iOS 8 has not been the smoothest of rollouts. Though it was on 46 percent of iOS devices within five days of its release, reports of slow Wi-Fi and battery drains soon cropped up. The iOS 8.0.1 update tried to

Don’t Love a Criminal

Don’t Love a Criminal: The snow was coming down hard from the dark skies overhead.   I shook my head in amazement at the change of weather from one day to the next,  Yesterday is was a

How To Makes App Premium Features Free?

Apple Design Award-winning slacker-productivity app Finish is announcing its biggest update in a year today with the release of version 3.0 on the App Store. The biggest change isn’t the introduction of any major feature in particular; instead, Finish

It only take a Second

Leo leaned over the kitchen counter with his hands folded. He sighed. A million things, words, rushed in his mind and they were flashing right before him; words he could use, words he could express himself with,

My Experience From Village To Kathmandu

“I look at life now. I am not sad. No anger any longer. After years of turmoil I’ve at least succeeded to get where my heart can have peace. I was born in a poor countryside of

The Apocalypse Is Coming

As I looked across the field all I saw was death. I found all of my friend’s bodies. There was only one body I couldn’t find, and it was mine. I guess you are wondering what is

The worst day of my Life

The worst day of my Life: On the first day of summer when my school ended I was home alone the whole entire day because my brother decided to go to his friends house. After once both

How to get your baby to sleep?

How to get your baby to sleep? All parents know the difficulties involved with getting their children to have a good night’s sleep. But Dr. Marc Weissbluth, a leading physician and author of “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy

10 Video Games That Were Best of Their Time

When you look at video games in 2014, it’s hard to believe that they belong to the same medium that gave us Pac-Man 30 years ago. We’ve seen incredible advancements, technically and artistically, in those few short