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Lists Of The Top Apps Of All Time

Lists Of The Top Apps Of All Time: A new report from app store analytics firm App Annie this morning offers insight into the most popular – and profitable! – iOS applications of all time. Not surprisingly, the most

An Interview With Mark Cuban

An Interview With Mark Cuban: Welcome to 13 Questions, a series aimed at bringing a human face to notable figures in the world of startups, hardware, and tech. Ever wonder how your favorite designer learned to love tech?

10 Reasons To Stay At Your Job

I used to love my job. Love it. I worked for my favorite entertainment company in the world. I would’ve paid to work there. I made friends at work. And on weekends we’d even get together and

How to get a six-pack without doing a single sit-up?

The crunch is dead. Lou Schuler, co-author with Alwyn Cosgrove of The New Rules of Lifting for Abs (Avery, 2010), hasn’t done one in years. “The idea of doing crunches and sit-ups is to make the abdominal muscles bigger,”

Rules for hiring executive candidates

Rules for hiring executive candidates: When Polyvore CEO Jess Lee was looking for a CFO, she found everything she wanted in Cheryl Dalrymple: incredible experience, shared values about how to run a company and immediate personal rapport. Yet, despite

Salesforce vs Marketo

Salesforce vs Marketo: There are several enterprise players that want a share of Salesforce’s business, but just aren’t making headway by knuckling up against the company’s dominant, entrenched SaaS CRM offerings. Rather than competing head on, a smarter approach for

Story Of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Story Of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: I cursed under my breath as the cold metal of the pipe I was tied to bit at the bare flesh of my wrists. I could feel the warm liquid

12 Issues That Can Destroy Your Marriage

Though marriage is often thought to be the “happily ever after” phase of a relationship, don’t be fooled into believing that married couples don’t face their fair share of challenges. While some of these challenges may easily

How I stopped being busy… and got a real life

How I stopped being busy… and got a real life: If you are anything like me, you can become quite skilled at putting off living. “When I get through this crazy month …” “When this project is

YouTube Now Supports 60fps Live Streaming

Are you a YouTube snob? We don’t blame you. We wish we could flick a switch and have all of the service’s content run in 4K, or at least 1080p at 60 frames per second. We just