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MailChimp vs. Campaigner, Which Is The Best?

Email marketing is a hugely effective way for a business to share its content, promote its services, and retain customers. There are many companies that can help you manage your email campaigns and track your success, andwe

Why Men With Beard Gains More Attraction?

Don’t believe the TV commercial that implies beards are out and the clean-shaven look is back. And what the bearded trend has taken away (razor and blade sales have slowed), its given back in new opportunities for

The Story Of Two Brothers Final Part

<< Click Here To Here Part 3 “That cut on your arm,” Shane pointed. Shawn pulled his sleeve down “Nothing.” He went to the table and sat down. Shane shrugged his shoulders. He had to hand it

The Boy In The Well

Hello Everyone, this is my first story here. Please like if you enjoy it. Thanks.   Not long ago, in a small town, in the United States, schoolchildren often had to walk past Old Man Jerry’s field.

Facebook and Instagram are banning gun sales

Facebook and Instagram are banning gun sales: Facebook has decided to ban the private sales of firearms on its social network. Instagram, Facebook’s photo-sharing platform, is doing the same. “Over the last two years, more and more

30 easy tips to get slimmer in 30 days

30 easy tips to get slimmer in 30 days: The New Year signals a clean slate (and a clean plate!). The good news: Implementing even small everyday diet and exercise changes can lead to a long-term difference,

10 Trends That Will Reshape E-Commerce in 2016

Following in the footsteps of China and the U.S., Southeast Asia is on the cusp of an e-commercegolden age. With online shopping accounting for only 1 percent of retail today, the region is slated to reach double-digit China-esque

It’s the story of my defeat

I have been fire. I have been water. I have been air. I have been the Earth. I have lived. We all have memories and dreams, that fade, turn into dust – we forget. And we can´t

The Story Of Two Brothers Part 3

<<Click Here To Read Part 2 “It’ll ruin my shirt.” Shawn lowered his eyes at his brother. Why did everything always have to be perfect with Shane? That’s probably why he didn’t have a girlfriend. Those were

The Story Of Two Brothers Part 2

<<Click Here To Read Part 1 Shawn came down the steps and looked around. He’d sworn his brother was just down here. Why did he care? It was about time his broth—he began to smell food. Shawn