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What It Is To Be Free

To be utterly free Is to remove oneself from the shackles of societal expectations. We are bound to them by birth To the fallicious ideologies set forth by others. Our world revovles around the fast pace concrete

From Social Networks To Market Networks

Most people didn’t notice last month when a 35-person company in San Francisco called HoneyBook announced a $22 million Series B*. What was unusual about the deal is that nearly all the best-known Silicon Valley VCs competed

Here Come The Dannies

Take a quick look, a sneak peek, into our not-so-distant future, courtesy of the great science-fiction writer Peter Watts(1), who writes in Aeon magazine: “You already know that we can run machines with our brainwaves. That’s been old

What Doctors Says And Meant

Have you ever been to the doctor’s office and had conversations like this with your doctor? “You may experience some discomfort.”  Translation: Get ready for some excruciating pain, Unbearable discomfort, and jaw jarring agony. “This medicine has

I Wish I Had Quit Smoking

My name is Frances. I was born on March 21, 1937 to my mother and 3 siblings in a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn NY. I had a normal childhood and found comfort in my sweets as

How To Become A Good Engineering Manager

Over the last few years I’ve gotten the pleasure to work with a large number of really talented engineers — some of whom I’ve asked to make the leap into management. Like any individual contributor moving into a new

Successful Stretidigies Of Learning

Ignorance has been a fait accompli throughout the history of human society. There was never enough information about the world and how it functions, and even when we had it, few people had access. Whole branches of knowledge could

6 Things Your Looks Say About Your Health

6 Things Your Looks Say About Your Health: Got lackluster locks? Or a scaly patch on an elbow? Your body may be trying to tell you something. “There are huge links between how we appear on the

Secrets of the Windows Control Panel

There are probably life-long Windows users who have never accessed the Control Panel—the interface for taking care of all the of the operating system’s settings. With the Control Panel, you can add or remove software/hardware, administer users’ accounts,

A Mission Of Excellence

A Mission Of Excellence: Changing the world. You do it every time you walk on a sidewalk kicking dirt (entropy!) and every time you join a startup in San Francisco. Many of the Valley’s top companies have