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Johnny Depp Biography – Who Is Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp Biography: Johnny Depp rarely resembles a human being these days. Whether he’s playing a pirate, an art dealer, or a Native American brave, he’s always flouncing around in a purple top hat, a spangly waistcoat

Huge movie roles that Matt Damon rejected for no reason

Matt Damon is everywhere at the moment. The Oscar-winning actor is currently promoting his latest movie, “Jason Bourne,” in theaters July 29. The action hero is arguably Damon’s most famous character, but he could easily have been

How Twitter ruined my Marriage – A True Story

I got married two years ago. Before we got married he really wasn’t all into social networks but now he’s on all of them: Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other silly social networks. I wouldn’t have minded

How to Stop Google Tracking You Permanently?

How to Stop Google Tracking You Permanently? Where you go, Google goes. If you have location services turned on, then Google Maps has keeps track of every step you (and your smartphone) take. Your Google Timeline, introduced

Design Automation

Design Automation: Murphy’s Law decrees: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” For any of us whose livelihood depends on our labor, things going wrong could mean: “Anything that can be automated, will be automated.” Our

Tips To Stop Snoring

For many Americans, there is nothing worse than losing sleep because of a snoring partner. According to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, an estimated 50 percent of Americans have snoring issues.But there are some

How To Manage Developers

How To Manage Developers: I’ve been a software engineer, a novelist, a journalist, and a manager–and managing developers is easily the trickiest thing I’ve ever done. (Not the hardest. But the trickiest.) I don’t pretend to be

The Creature

I saw a creature the other day. From the distance it looked like a Siberian Tiger, then as it came closer it seemed to shimmer. Thinking that this creature was dangerous I hide in a nearby bush.

How To Become A Successful Female Entrepreneur

In Silicon Valley, the percentage of women starting technology companies is astronomically low, at a rate around 3 percent. Of privately held companies, only 6.5 percent have a female CEO, and 1.3 percent have a female founder. How is this the

What is Dimethyltryptamine? What it can do?

Vincent lays down on the ground, remembering that he was shot. His eyes close and his senses begin to go away. Vincent is dying. There are people around watching him die. George- What’s taking the ambulance so