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5 Celebrity Kids Who Became (Beautiful) Models

When your parents are Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis or David and Victoria Beckham, it’s pretty likely you’re going to win the genetic lottery when it comes to talent and good looks. Between that and the rolodex

Airbnb sues San Francisco, What???

Airbnb sues San Francisco: Airbnb is taking its beef with the city of San Francisco to court. The short-term rental company filed suit today over a new law that requires Airbnb to verify that its hosts have

In pursuit of empathetic machines

The universal reaction to Atlas, the newly upgraded next-generation humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics (a company owned by Alphabet), was lots of empathy. Unmindful of being punched, pushed and teased, it focused on finishing tasks in a demo video.

Another Lonely Night

“Why do I love you?” Cleo whispered, as another rushed of tears escaped into the depth of her pillow. Of course there was no answer, seeing as she was alone in the small four wall bedroom. She

How to build confidence in your children?

How to build confidence in your children? As a parent, you want to raise a child with a healthy self-esteem and confidence, but how do you avoid creating an inflated ego and feelings of entitlement? Experts agree

The Consumerization Of Edtech

Asia accounts for nearly half of the mobile learning revenues in the world. Thousands of hagwons, or “cram schools,” line the streets in South Korea, which has about 15 percent of the global tutoring market. Parents spend an average of $1,000 per month on

How to raise kids?

How to raise kids? When our kids were itty-bitty we were told to teach them a few basic words in sign language, as this helps eliminate frustration and whining in kids who desire to communicate their needs

Facebook Decides What You See in Your News Feed

Ever wonder why some items appear high in your Facebook news feed and others don’t? It’s because Facebook is trying to show you the things it thinks you most want to see. But the actual process behind

6 Things Changes When You Get Married

Marriage is one of life’s milestones, marking a major change in a couple’s life — which may be why some couples delay marriage longer than others. But besides the obvious, like changing names, gaining in-laws, joining bank

Students! The Future is Now For You

It’s often hard to predict the future. But in our nation’s schools, the future is now. The 2014-15 school year was the first during which students of color outnumbered white students in America’s public schools. This demographic shift