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Beware of these Words said by Women

1.) Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. . 2.) Five Minutes : If she is getting dressed, this means a half

21 Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness while Traveling

21 Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness while Traveling: Do you often vomit on flights, car rides or boating trips? If so, you should probably stop doing that. It’s gross. OK, maybe that was a little harsh. According

Hollywood Longest Lasting Couples

Hollywood Longest Lasting Couples:   Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith: 15 Years Will and Jada met on the set of “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” in 1990, when Pinkett tried out for the role of Will’s

10 Things Web Developers Must Achieve

Ok. Every web developer may not be able to achieve all these, but I think every web developer should at least achieve 3 of these. Check them out and tell me where I didn’t make any sense.

University of Kansas sets world record for holiday

The University of Kansas set a Guinness world record for “largest gathering of people wearing holiday sweaters” during a basketball game against Montana on Saturday. The official count tallied 3,473 people wearing holiday sweaters, far exceeding the

Merry Christmas – My Love Story

I drifted into her life and before I knew it she was describing me as her bodyguard. I watched visitors arrive and depart, some who were welcomed into her chic Sloane Square residence, receiving profuse kisses and

The Evolving Landscape Of Recommendation Systems

Everyday decisions, from which products to buy, movies to watch and restaurants to try, are more and more being put in the hands of a new source: recommendation systems. Recommendation systems are changing the very ways we

Top 10 Most Popular Searches On Google In 2014

Each year, Google releases a list of the topics we’ve collectively searched for the most over the past 12 months. Each year, I try and see how many I can guess beforehand. This year, I got about

My Dream Story

My Dream Story: The dark forest closed in around us. Our silence hung heavy in the cold, damp air. We crouched with abated breath hiding among the wet underbrush. Rain trickled down the backs of our necks

I had the same Incident as Emily had

I had the same incident as Emily narrated in his story. My story goes like this: I remember when i was in 2oo level back then,there was this silly guy bragging and ranting so much about how