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Never Say This At Work Otherwise…

We’ve all been there: you’ve said something out loud at work and immediately regretted it. For chief executives, gaffes can damage a company’s reputation and hurt its stock value. For everyone else, saying the wrong thing to colleagues —

How To Use Microsoft Outlook In Apple Watch?

How To Use Microsoft Outlook In Apple Watch? If you’re always checking your email for important business-related matters, we have some good news. Outlook is now available on Apple Watch. Microsoft on Thursday launched its Outlook app

The Evolution Of The Browser

The browser wars have always been cyclical, moving from periods of monoculture dominated by one or two browsers to periods of comparative competition characterized by multiple, strong, second-tier browsers and a growing list of niche browsers. We’re

What Makes Me Proud To Be An American

A recent survey of U.S. Army members shows almost 50 percent of soldiers are unhappy in their service and more than half are pessimistic about the future of the military. Such news quickly brings the “bad old

One Last Thought

One Last Thought: A tear rolled down his cheek and mixed with the dust on his face, taking on a mottled look.  Wiping it away with his gloved hand it added an accent to his already camowed

What Is DevOps?

As is evident from the increase in conferences, books and software tools, there is a growing emphasis on improving DevOps within all sizes of software development organizations. The question that follows is typically, “What is DevOps?” This

How To Make Perfect Designs?

How To Make Perfect Designs? I love design and startup and I firmly believe magical companies emerge when these two meet, e.g. Braun, Apple, Airbnb, Medium, YouTube, Square, and Nest. The critical mass of combined business, design

What The Hack Is Zero Knowledge Anyway?

Anonymity? Privacy? How quaint. We live in a world bedecked with ever more cameras, ever more sensors, ever more drones, ever more data, ever fewer things that can be hidden. TLS and Tor can hide your online

A Secular Shift To Online Food Ordering

A Secular Shift To Online Food Ordering: To say that recent capital inflows in the food-ordering space have been growing rapidly wouldn’t be doing the current funding environment justice. In fact, it might even be considered a gross injustice

Why An Open Salary Policy Always Beats Secrecy

For four years, journalists and entrepreneurs have asked me why we created an open salary policy at my company. Here’s the answer: it prevents evil. Open salary policies mandate truthfulness and ethical behavior in organizations that would otherwise abuse the secrecy.