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Is blood in your urine dengerous?

The sight of blood in your urine is enough to make anyone panic. It doesn’t always indicate a serious problem, but it’s important you get it checked out with your doctor. Blood in the urine is known

The NWO for open source and commercial software

The NWO for open source and commercial software: We have been living through another cold war. Not geo-political — digital. Open-source software versus commercial software has long been on the brink of going nuclear, fought in the

The hubris of investigators

The hubris of investigators: A now-vacated court order requiring Apple to undermine the security of its users prompted an ongoing controversy over government access to encrypted devices.   While the court in San Bernardino may never rule on the flood of arguments supporting

I Asked Her Out And She Said YES!!!

I Asked Her Out And She Said YES!!! So how do i do this. well the introduction is usually first so i guess i’ll start with that.  My name is Cain Williams.  I’m 18 years old and

A Deep Analysis on South Korea gender problem

A Deep Analysis on South Korea gender problem: South Korea has such a low birth rate that it could become the world’s oldest country by 2045, with an average age of 50. If things continue at this rate, the country could even go extinct by 2750.

The Future Of Marketing

The Future Of Marketing: The Consumer Electronics Show is a feast to the eyes, but an overload of the senses. Separating the profound from the gimmicks and the trends from the distractions is vital but hard. For

10 Financial Mistakes Most People Make

If you ever feel like you’re constantly living hand-to-mouth and never getting ahead, take a minute to see if anything on this list sounds familiar. Oddly enough, most people make the same mistakes that end up putting roadblocks

Biggest Cybersecurity Risks

What would happen if a hacker edited a major news website to falsely report an anthrax attack in Times Square? Even if the site removed the story within minutes, it already would have been reposted and retweeted

How Congress Can Fuel Tech Growth?

The ingenuity of some of the world’s top budding startups on full display in San Francisco. Allison Kopf, CEO of Agrilyst — an intelligence platform for indoor farms — took home the coveted “Disrupt Cup.” The honor put Kopf’s company

Linear Work In Nonlinear Environment

Linear Work In Nonlinear Environment: Our poor brains. We can’t help it, but this becomes the baseline for success. This is what our brain holds ourselves accountable to. And in some ways, this is correct — this is