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Importance Of Gallbladder

I learn that gall is the bitterness of feeling and exasperation. In three years I have seen more than a thousand gallbladders removed from the diseased. I wonder if the fetish of our surgery department with the

3 ways startups are struggling

Internet accessibility for all people, of all ages and in all places has unleashed unprecedented resources and opportunities. It also unlocked our digital and physical security. The sacrifice of safety is an unintended consequence of the Internet

I Felt All The Adventures In My Dream

I Felt All The Adventures In My Dream: One Halloween day I had some of the strangest things happen to me. In English, we were learning about Walter Mitty & this guy trying to kill him named,

A Girl With Questioning Eyes

Here stands a girl with her bright blue questioning eyes, looking fearful and kind at the world that sets before her. Her ears are afraid of what they might hear. Her slight smile tells her she is

Me And My Past

I had been stuck in that elevator for three days and no one could hear me. It’s holiday season and no one is down under me and the steel box that I am inside in. Maybe there

Google Hiring Process

During Laszlo Bock’s nine years as Google’s SVP of People Operations, the company has won more than 100 awards for its employment practices. Bock, who came to Google after stints at McKinsey and GE, recently collected his

A Short End

A flash of phosphorus white flew low across the clear night sky followed by a dull thud, she felt the vibration come up through the ground and her legs quivered, the dogs began to bark louder than


“Mommy, no! Please don’t! It hurts!”, you scream tears stream down your cheeks. Your mother holds your flailing arms flat. You try to wiggle free but can’t. The weight of your mother is crushing you, your breath

A Letter To My Nokia E7

Dear Nokia E7, I hope all is well where ever you are, am writing this letter to you to show you how much you meant to me, so that you can find it in your Ram to