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Strange Dream

I had this strange dream where I was a small creature living in an enchanted forest, happily living in a little village. Suddenly a horde of zombies stormed into the village, completely destroying it. I was chosen

I Began Again

Valentines day is yet to come, where all the lovers in the universe spend this day romantically . For me, it was just another day. Each year, I say to myself in front of the mirror. “Hey


Greed: Disclaimer : This is pure fiction none of the events are real. If different sexualitys to your own offend or make you uncomfortable or reading this type of material is illegal i suggest you leave immediately. I don’t really know when it

Sunset Part 2

She was busy adjusting her bag on her shoulders. She was in blue jeans and a red t-shirt. There was a white scarf covering whole of her head. I positioned...

Sunset – Part 1

It was not just another first day at school. Yes, it was the same laziness, pinch of excitement and hangover of a hectic vacation; yet it was not just...

Best Gift Of Love

“Let’s get married” I told him, blankly. It was almost like an order. But the sentence held deeper meaning for us. He stood there, blinking to himself. He could not meet my eyes. The cool September winds

Good Bye………

Good Bye……… It was well past midnight, a man wearing a black suit entered his room. He gave a vague smile and asked, “Just a day more please.” The suited man smiled and slowly nodded his head

Two Friends

Two friends — one a fat man and the other a thin man — met at the Nikolaevsky station. The fat man had just dined in the station and his greasy lips shone like ripe cherries. He

This Is Love

I just want to see you again I just met you but it feels like I’ve known you forever and this is where we begin I need you to know I’ve never found anyone better   I’m