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The Domination Of The Classic Publishing Era

The Domination Of The Classic Publishing Era: My father was a journalist. Growing up, I remember how excited I would get when visiting the printing house of the newspaper he worked for. I loved everything about the

Funny And Smart Reasons For Office Leaves

Funny And Smart Reasons For Office Leaves: From the embarrassing to the downright unlucky, there are so many reasons why you just can’t make it into work today. From the dog eating your presentation to leaving your

What Color Is the Dress?

As I was getting ready for bed last evening the Internet started to come alive about the color of a dress. I took one look at the photo, said to my wife “The Internet is being stupid


The pants that the man wore were dragging to the floor, way too long.  The day was young and fingers pointed to the extra-long pants.  People all over were pointing and laughing at this poor man’s pants.  There had not

The Arts Of Customer Relationship Management

The Arts Of Customer Relationship Management: After spending six years with startups in the ecosystem, I’ve spent the last six months as an EIR at Foundation Capital. One of the things I hear repeatedly from entrepreneurs as

How to Remove Your Gel Mani at Home?

How to Remove Your Gel Mani at Home? We love gel manicures for their durability and long-lasting shine. But what do you do when it’s finally time for them to come off and you can’t make it

A Rush To Hospital

Last night, I dreamed i was driving my sister’s stuffed animal to the hospital (which is weird because I don’t have a drivers licence) , when i switched body withe a general. But he did some bad

A City View Of The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is growing and impacting cities. Collaborative consumption feeds into, and off of, desires for immediate gratification. With “on-demand everything” the way of the present and future, the need for comprehensive and accurate data is

Africa Discovers The Power Of Crowdfunding

Budding South African film producer Meg Rickards was struggling to raise the money for her new feature film, Whiplash, when she came across the idea of crowdfunding. “We had about 70% of the budget and were battling

Are You Buying The Right Milk?

There’s so much more to a gallon these days. Ultra-pasteurized, rBST-free, omega-3 fortified… and we’re just talking milk from cows. We asked Jane Andrews, manager of nutrition and product labeling for Wegmans, to help us sort through