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Stranger She Met In The Park That Night

Dreaming is no more than the mind’s strange way of allowing repressed thoughts enough yard time out of their cells to stretch their spindly legs. In a healthy person, the darkest of thoughts are held prisoner by

Why We Chose to Homeschool?

Before we adopted our first child, I had never heard of homeschooling. We assumed any child of ours would have the typical public school experience. But when our daughter was born, I went from being completely immersed

The School Reunion

It took Keeley ages to get ready. She nearly changed her mind. Who wanted to go to a school reunion anyway? The best years of your life!. You’ve got to be joking. She had hated it. She

Top Advantages Of Not Having A Girlfriend

Top Advantages Of Not Having A Girlfriend: 1 Can sleep well. 2 Can save time and money. 3 No need worry about how you looks. 4 No missed call at midnight. 5 No need to activate special schemes.

Anxiety Party

We have a somewhat unusual design team at GV. There are six of us. Four product designers, a researcher and a team coordinator. Each of us held fairly senior design positions previously, and we each have a

The IoT Of Selfies

The IoT Of Selfies: Although the term “selfie” has not yet been added to the official Oxford English Dictionary, the act of taking this particular type of photograph has certainly invaded popular culture around the world, as

The Human Touch

Blame it on Hollywood. So many people have seen science-fiction movies about robots taking over the world that they’ve started to believe it’s happening. Many workers are worried that automated systems will soon take over their jobs

Chris Poole Biography

Chris Poole Biography: “Last year if you asked me if I wanted to start something, I would have said ‘fuckkkkk noooooo’” 4chan founder Chris Poole laughs. But he’s changed his tune and is ready to get back in the

Innovative Ways To Use Olive Oil

I recently bought a fantastic bottle of olive, a delicious smoked oil so incredible that I couldn’t help putting it on everything I ate. First, I whisked it into a salad dressing. Then I drizzled it over

My Examination Truth

My Examination Truth: I had an experience once, and that was in my secondary level class 2, i noticed this girl would always be asking me and me a good person wont stop telling her and at