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8 things to never say to someone in the hospital

It may seem sort of fun to be laid up in an adjustable bed surrounded by piles of magazines and having full command of the remote. But the truth is, if you’ve ever had even the shortest

Darkness Of Life

Like a Northern Star her love was fixed and inflexible as from every beat of heart she listened her lover Michael, felt every shift of Michael’s presence in her life but rude , crude and ruthless Michael

A Guide

The viaduct killer, named for the location where his victims’ bodies have been discovered, is still at large. There have been six victims to date, found by children, people exercising their dogs, lovers, or—in one instance—by policemen.

Rest In Peace

Like a blossom you bloomed, into the world. And sunny faces round your cradle cheered, “Welcome to the world!”   Now you’ve withered into mystery.   And sombre faces round your casket cries, “Rest in Peace.”Only you knows where

Darkness In The Air

Darkness In The Air: I was standing at my balcony looking at the clouds and the stars. my white feathered wings folded behind me as I looked down on the city of the clouds. Were could she