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Talent War: Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street

Talent War: Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street: Gordon Gekko is but a distant blip in the rear-view mirror for this generation’s best and brightest. In lieu of Wall Street, today’s top graduates are flocking to Silicon Valley and other top technology hubs in

5 Astonishing Facts About Hooters

5 Astonishing Facts About Hooters: In a world where just about every restaurant is on the hunt for ways to market themselves as family-friendly establishments, one type of restaurant chain is flying in the face of convention:

The Amazing Life of Marilyn Monroe

It’s more than 50 years since Marilyn Monroe died, and still the fascination with the blonde bombshell continues. The latest personification is the Lifetime four-hour movie, “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe,” in which Kelli Garner follows

Where Did The Moon Came From?

The Moon is a mystery. Everyone on Earth can see it, but we only ever see one side of it. It affects the tides of the ocean, when animals have sex and apparently even how people sleep.

Say NO To Bullying

From preschool on through college, parents, at least my parents, have never known quite the right encouraging words to say when it came to bullying. For if another stole your favorite red crayon, you were expected to

Android Pay Vs. Apple Pay, And The Winner Is…

Google started the mobile payments movement with a bang back in 2011 with Google Wallet. Although the NFC-based tap-to-pay system never reached widespread adoption, it was well loved by the Android faithful. Then, Apple Pay came along

Why Life Is Full Of Questions?

Why Life Is Full Of Questions? Every so often waking up is the hardest thing to do. I don’t mean opening the eyes and physically waking up but more on a mental level. Charging the brain enough

Facebook’s Greatest Achievements Of All Time

Twitter’s firehose of tweets has long been offered as a goldmine for business trying to understand how to improve or market their products, and now Facebook will allow privacy-safe peeks at its treasure trove too. Today Facebook

IoM: The Internet Of Medicine

Healthcare reform has eluded Congress for more than two decades. It seems technology, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), could well make the biggest transformation of all. In many respects, IoT is just what the doctor

Evil Lake

Evil Lake: It was the prettiest, most beautiful, most pristine and immaculate lake Alan had ever seen. Like a gigantic layer of glass covering the land. It is called the Turpentine Lake. Some people called it the