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What Are My Patents Worth?

What Are My Patents Worth? We’ve witnessed significant upheavals in the patent system in the last few years, ranging from a surprisingly active Supreme Court that has weighed in on patent law, major legal changes that have impacted the validity of patents in litigation (particularly software patents)

I Am Supposed To Be Dead

Vincent lays down on the ground, remembering that he was shot. His eyes close and his senses begin to go away. Vincent is dying. There are people around watching him die. George- What’s taking the ambulance so

A Flight

In my dream I was allowed into a flight tower at an airport. I went inside and was allows to go to the top floor via an elevator. I saw out and it was a nice view.

Last Night

Last joint before lights out -the comfort of a warm bed Light can not find a path -I only imagine what the stars look like tonight Longing for something but I search my dreams still Lying down

I Failed

Chapter one: Day one. It was the year of 2010, that was the year i got kicked out because i flipped out on my mom. I’m Elizabeth-Mae, my few friends just call me Mae.this year I’m 18

Adventurous End Of A Movie

Adventurous End Of A Movie: Yes, I am positive. I went to see this movie. Yes, it was at the Central Park. Yes, it was the season opening of the film festival. After all, how couldn’t I?