Anyone Can’t Teach What A Bird Have Taught Me

One morning, I found myself near a stream and as usual I am lost in my own reflective phase whenever there is nature around. Since people living in city have to unfortunately make an effort to be amongst nature, I make the most of it when I am amidst nature.

Suddenly, I heard this bird hovering around the trees around the stream. I was trying to spot it and wasn’t able to see it, but I was able to hear the bird. From the sound of the bird chirping I could more or less guess it would be small bird. As usual my curiosity was getting onto my nerves and I just wanted to know where was this little bird that was trying to communicate a lot to everything around it. If we carefully listen there is so much more to everything in life, we see and speak a lot but don’t pay attention; nor actively hear anyone or anything around us.

This little bird didn’t bother if I could see it or not but wanted to spread the message of life around. It was saying that life is too short to waste it on anyone or anything that is useless or trivial or unnecessary. Life is beautiful and no one can make it nice or bad for you. You make your life or break it! Its all that you want you seem to attract. So, from this moment on attract all that you want so the unwanted things don’t even occur or happen in your life. As Rhonda rightly said in her book “The Secrets“, we all have a magnificent power to make our lives successful and fulfilling. All we need to do is to start working on the same and believe that we have the power to change our lives and ensure we are content with ourselves!

So, I have heard that message this bird was to convey to me and that has made a lot of difference in the way I look at my life now.

Start looking at things in a different perspective and don’t even blame yourself for not having a wonderful life. Instead start your work right now!

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