What Is Antimatter And Anti-World?

What Is Antimatter And Anti-World?

It is said that every cloud has a silver lining and so in these dark times the astrophysicists are the only ones remaining with key to hope for our survival. They claim to have found possible existence of life on a planet few light years away from us. However the similarity of the physical situation of the planet is astonishing. The planet is in an identical galaxy like Milky Way with an identical solar system as ours. “It’s as if we are looking at a reflection of our planet, just 7 or 8 billion years in the past” an astrophysicist said. Could this be for real? “It’s absolutely incredible and definitely not an illusion.” a theoretical physicist said. NASA had sent an unmanned space satellite to observe this planet more closely. “We expect the satellite to enter the planet’s blanket of air by 0500hrs.” a NASA space scientist said.But it was a catastrophe as on reaching the planet’s very atmosphere, there was a gigantic explosion. What could this mean? The researchers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) after a meeting at their headquarters claim we could have found an Anti-World. Theoretically Paul Dirac had proven the existence of Antimatter and LHC had observed its microscopic existence. Since then no other form of Antimatter was discovered. “But this could be it. There’s no other rational reason available to believe!” a LHC researcher exclaimed.

All this while this search was kept under wraps from the public. “But why are we looking for a new planet to live on? The Earth is perfectly fine!” the general people of the Earth remain baffled as the “science guys” continue in their research desperately. “We live in a world where technology lags behind in keeping stride with human needs. Our satisfaction is never quenched. Nature and the deeds of human beings have culminated in an expiration date for life on Earth. As the Sun being a star continues towards its death we pray and search for an alternative to the continuity of our species. However the end is inevitable. But even with little hope we shall strive for our continuity! Don’t give up People of the World!” The President of the United States revealed the situation to the public after the annihilation was visible to the whole world.

Now if Matter cannot make contact with any form of Antimatter, how could people of Earth even dream of their existence in the Antiworld! Although life did exist there; but of course those beings were made of Antimatter.

Time’s ticking and we need to find a way to make possible the living of matter and antimatter together on one planet with eradicating the risk of the end of both the life forms in explosion if contact is made between the two. “We are doing everything we can to devise a way. The anti-beings know of our situation and are also thinking of a possible solution.”

So, when we finally meet the anti-beings annihilation stands firm between us. We can communicate with them and await the inevitable fate of life on Earth or technology once again faces possibly its last daunting task to defy logic and create a way for life on Earth to continue in the Anti-world.

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