Can You Answer These Questions?

Can You Answer These Questions?

Three hundred years from now when we look back, what will we see?

Famish, hate, love, depression, pride, anger, greatness or simply the past? How about three hundred years from then? And a thousand years from that time?

What are we? What is our propose in life? What do we live for? What are we? Where do we go? Where are we coming from? Is this all life can grant us or are we just taking a small part of what it has to offer? Perhaps, all this time we have been living all that we have seen and done is nothing but a mere image of a past or future life. What if there are others out there? A parallel dimension, another world, another habited planet… another us, another you.

Time, it seems, is nothing but that: Time. Who invented the word? Who defined its meaning? Who said time was time? Who made the clock tick and who said how it should tick?
Who made the rules that we live by?

Most importantly… do you go by them? Do you make yourself live, do you just live by what others tell you it’s the truth? Have you ever tried?

Well, it shouldn’t be too hard. Why don’t you just give it one little try, one small step over the abysm.

Are you afraid?

Are you scared?

How many images do you have of the world you live in? How do you define yourself and others? Is it any different of the idea others have? One thing I can say to you, if it is not, like everyone else, you are doomed.

After so many questions are you, now, confused? Obsessed? Crazy? No?

Want to know something really crazy?

Look back at what you have just read. Pause. Think. Imagine you know all the answers to those questions. How would you feel? Despair? Insane?

To all those of you who ever wanted to know those answers, I have a little word of advice: Don’t!

Thinking for yourself is good, it actually very remarkable, but never, ever, dare to know more than you should. Knowledge it seems has, like every other thing, a reverse, another side. The reason why many are kept in ignorance. There has to be balance, equilibrium, in everything. A ying and a yang. Love versus hate.


After all that I have said… do you still want to know?

Will you be strong enough to break the rules? Can you think for yourself? By yourself?

It’s a lonely road. Cold, hard and lonely.

Word of advice: turn away! Step away from these pages.

If you move on, it will be impossible to return, it won’t be easy to turn back.

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