A Mystery Part 2

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(Part 2)

“That’s it,” He screamed.
He took the bat from his sister and paces towards the 1901 apartment. He demanded not to call security guards. He doesn’t want a murderer as his best friend and as a brother in law. Security guards and neighbors will only be a hindrance in killing. He wants to end this all by himself.
Sanjay got suspended from school 10 times in just 3 months when he was in 8th grade. It was a final confrontation scene of a murder horror fiction. Maya wore her slippers and follows Sanjay. She doesn’t want his older brother to go to jail because of her and Karthik, the sinister waste of a human.
She arrived 10 minutes after her brother. Everything was silent as ‘death’- quite a sinister word to be used during this tensed environment. Maya enters the 1901 apartment. Everything was stormed. It must be the aftermath of a big brawl. Maya yelled for his brother in the dark only to fell onto her knees. Her hands felt something: blood, human skin. She screams and takes a look.
“NO! NO! NO!” she yells. It was Sanjay’s lifeless corpse lying on the floor.
“Sanjay you are not dead, are you?” Maya tried to move the corpse believing it to be a kind of joke “Please don’t you dare leave like our parents?” She could not believe that Karthik can lie, can cheat and can kill. Was her perfect married life, a lie?
Her face got covered by a black cloth and she was knocked unconscious. She wakes up after 10 minutes and a big splash of water. She felt dizzy. The tight grip around her limbs was hurting her.
“Maya I never wanted this to happen…” Maya heard his voice properly after 3 days of interval. She wanted to ask a lot of question, but she can’t be weak anymore.
“You a*****e kill me,” Maya said
“You know it’s not easy. I did all of this for you.”
“These lines don’t suit you murderer. Nothing was for me.” Maya stopped yelling and begged, “Please kill me.”
The suspense that  was present in the air had already killed half of her. She was eagerly waiting for death because now she lost everything until…
 “Happy Anniversary, my little princess…” It was the song composed by her brother and she was hearing it in Sanjay’s voice. She had no idea where she was. It was a dark place. She felt she was hallucinating. Her chair was aggressively revolved hard. The black cloth was removed from her face and suddenly there was colorful light all around. Mrs. Kharbanda and other neighbor were present in the apartment. Even Ms. 1901 and Sanjay were present who were looking perfectly fine.
 Karthik had changed into his best suit. All the walls were done with their beautiful moments clicked in pictures. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She was unrobed and Karthik hugged her, wishing her. She hit him hard. She sobbed to tears and hugs him back. Neighbors laugh and whistle cheerfully. Maya then hugs Sanjay while she cursed him and warned him to never do this to her ever again.
“Calm down, honey. It was a harmless joke.” Karthik got another hit for joking like that. It sure was not a healthy harmless joke.
“How did you pull it off?” Maya asked as Mrs. Kharbanda offered a drink to her. Maya seemed weak, but her smile hid almost everything.
“I watched it in ‘Castle’. Isn’t it one of your favorite shows? I mimicked one of its episodes where the detective gives her writer husband a big surprise.”
“Haw! I thought you don’t English television series.”
“He took a brief summary from me.” Sanjay interrupted the conversation. “Your 1901 b***h is my subordinate, Palak from the company.”
“I told him my plan. I asked Mrs. Kharbanda to contact every person in the society you are close to.” Karthik explained. “Security guard agreed to act for a few bucks, though.”
“What about expensive jewelry and clothes in the photos?” Maya asked as she given another glass of coke “…and I saw you stabbing that bit- Palak?”
“Fake knives used in magic show…” Karthik answer demonstrating the knife’s function “My dramatics teacher from college agreed to help me.”
“So even the PI Raj was your accomplice?” Maya asked.
“That was me.” Mrs. Kharbanda said eagerly waiting for the spotlight. “Actually my nephew is a website designer and he knows Photoshop too so he edited the photo in a way we wanted you to see.”
“How long?” Maya asked
“A month or two… lost my count. Did you like it?” Karthik asked, “You wanted an adventure.”
She only gave him a smile while her friends take her to another room for a change of clothes. Sanjay wondered if it was a yes or no. Karthik replied that let some happy ending retain their mystery.

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