11 Patriotic Desserts to Serve This Fourth of July

When it comes to Fourth of July dishes, thoughts of juicy burgers, hearty hot dogs, and mom’s good ol’ potato salad come to mind.

But enough about all that. We want some patriotic desserts! (Sorry, mom).

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to show American pride while still satisfying your sweet tooth, and we’ve got you covered with chocolate, cheesecake, and so much more.

In honor of July Fourth, we’d like to present these 11 mouthwatering desserts that will cover your table in delicious hues of red, white and blue. Some are best to prep in advance, others could easily be whipped up before your get-together, but all of them are as patriotic as they come.

So, drop that extra helping of potato salad and learn how to make these yummy treats:

Patriotic Stained-Glass Jell-O
Jell-O may sound as exciting as, well, Jell-O, but this jiggly treat just got a major (and tasty) upgrade to brighten up your festivities. Krissy of Krissys-Creations.com offers an Instagram-worthy patriotic stained glass Jell-O, which is super simple to prepare and refreshing enough to savor on any summer night.

Ombre Independence Day Cake
If you’re looking for an impressive dessert to serve your guests, consider the luscious ombre Independence Day cake from Brit + Co, which features nine mouthwatering, fluffy layers. If that’s not enough, the cake is finished with Pop Rocks for some fireworks flare.

Fourth of July Rice Krispie Treats
You know what makes chewy, marshmallowy Rice Krispie Treats taste even better? Loads of red, white and blue, of course! TwoSistersCrafting.com presents generous batches of Fourth of July Rice Krispie Treats shaped like the American flag. (Good luck keeping any leftovers around.)

Patriotic Pretzel Bites
Who doesn’t love the drool-worthy combo of sweet-meets-salty? To satisfy your cravings for both this Fourth, try the delightfully simple patriotic pretzel bites from TwoSistersCrafting.com. It’s a delicious take on the classic pretzel and chocolate snack, except there’s plenty of chocolaty M&Ms and melted vanilla candies “to create a yummy U.S. flag on each pretzel.”

Fourth of July Pudding Pops
Tracey from We-Made-That.com recommends making massive patriotic pudding pops with the kids, because let’s face it, everybody loves pudding pops. Filled with creamy white chocolate pudding, as well as a few other easily accessible ingredients, these will be a surefire hit among your guests regardless of their age. Tracey says you could make them however big or small you like, but we recommend going all out with these delectable desserts.

Patriotic Berrylicious Fudge
What happens when you mix marshmallows, white chocolate and berry-blue gelatin? The result is this patriotic (and oh-so-pretty) berrylicious fudge from Aimee of ShugarySweets.com. This bite-sized dessert is soft, chewy, and yes, very chocolaty — a major win no matter how you put it. And yes, even non-cooks can easily recreate this simple dish.

Fourth of July Blueberry Pie
No sizzling summer season is complete without a generous slice of homemade pie, and on the Fourth of July, Betsy from BetsyLife.com is whipping up traditional blueberry pie with an adorable twist — a golden star crust made with a cookie cutter.

Red, White & Blue Apples
Who says you have to wait until the fall just to enjoy candied apples? Enjoy this recipe for crisp, juicy apples generously coated with vanilla candy and festive sprinkles, all thanks to Lise, the recipe developer for MomLovesBaking.com. “Red, white and blue apples are the perfect patriotic treat,” says Lise. “So cute, so easy and so yummy!”

Patriotic Trifle Dessert
Having a giant last-minute get-together happening this Fourth? Don’t sweat it. Simply whip up this equally ginormous patriotic trifle dessert from Christy from The-Girl-Who-Ate-Everything.com. This hefty dish may look intimidating, but it’s surprisingly easy, all thanks to several simple (yet equally delish) ingredients. Since it comes together in a flash, you can use the extra time for more important things, like eating it.

Frozen Chocolate-Covered Bananas
Let’s just say you’re really short on time. (No judging, we get it.) Thankfully, Kelly of JustATaste.com has created a tantalizing recipe certain to satisfy those pesky taste buds. Her frozen bananas aren’t just simply chilled fruit; they’re perfectly ripened bananas dipped in chocolate and topped with festive sprinkles (and still chilled, of course). Who needs ice cream when you have this tasty treat around?

Strawberry and Blueberry Cheesecake Icebox Cake
The last thing anyone wants to do during a sweaty summer afternoon is turn on an oven. But those with a sweet tooth (or several) are in luck, because Southern-style icebox cakes are a great way to have your cake and eat it, too. Lindsay from LifeLoveandSugar.com is making our stomachs rumble for her strawberry and blueberry cheesecake icebox cake — a ridiculously easy recipe that requires zero heat.


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