10 Game of Thrones Parodies That Will Shock You

Pugs of Westeros:

A pug version of Game of Thrones was inevitable, so here you go. These dogs reportedly”love being dressed up,” which is good, because it looks like their owners went to a lot of trouble to create their costumes.

“It’s a Man’s World” Mashup

The audio quality is a little “meh,” but I’ve actually listened to this mashup of the GOT theme and James Brown’s “It’s a Man’s World” a few times now. It might also work as a GOT theme song on its own, really.

South Park (NSFW-ish)

Here’s South Park’s take on the opening sequence where the epic orchestral tones are replaced with the word “wiener.” As we said above: Slightly NSFW-ish, depending on your W.

“1995 Style”

The video is labeled as “Game of Thrones – 1995 Style,” but to me, it feels like 1991 at the latest.

From Springfield to Westeros

The town of Springfield, reborn as Westeros. I’m not exactly sure why Mr. Smithers is dressed as Merlin at the 0:37 mark, but so be it.

Game of Friends

You know how lazy the montage opening sequence to Friends, or really any 80s or 90s sitcom was? Basically if you cut any random footage over it, it still kinda works. Behold,Game of Thrones mostly flawlessly reborn as a beloved Clinton-era sitcom. Tip of the hat to matching up Joffrey getting slapped along with the clap-clap-clap-clap at the 0:10 mark.

Buffy Style

The thing I said earlier about the laziness of montage-openers works for hour-long dramas as well. As it turns out, you can create a pretty seamless Buffy The Vampire Slayer opening sequence, simply by using a nice mix of GoT fight and talking sequences.

Game of Thrones as a 1970s Style Sitcom

I don’t exactly have the years under my belt to feel any nostalgia for this 1970s-style sitcom take, but I do appreciate the craft of putting it all together

Game of F@%#in’ Thrones (NSFW)

Surely, you have invented your own epic lyrics to go along with the opening song. You’re not the only one. This hair metal rendition including its own original profane lyrics became a YouTube sensation in 2012. So much so that it earned its own bleating-goat mash-up in which an adorable barnyard resident chimes in for all the “yea” parts.

Disneyfication of King’s Landing

Another thing that people love most about Game of Thrones is how un-Disney (i.e. riddled with wanton violence and full-frontal nudity) it is. That’s why it’s strange that this super-cut of Disney movies work so seamlessly against the soaring GoT score.

Official Opener

And, just so you know all is right with the world, here is the original, uncut version for you to enjoy in its untouched glory.   Source: http://me.pcmag.com/hdtvs-home-theater/1719/gallery/10-game-of-thrones-parodies-that-will-forever-ruin


Source: http://www.pcmag.com/slideshow/story/322329/10-game-of-thrones-parodies-that-will-forever-ruin-the-show

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